Belgrano – Gimnasia La Plata hosts manage first win this season?

Interesting match in the first part of Argentine football championship, starting today August 23, 2013 22:00 between Belgrano and Gimnasia La Plata band that has managed again to reach the elite of football in Argentina after a brief affair in the second league.

Belgrano new season started very badly and managed to get just one point after the first three rounds and this last stage. Such is the penultimate position and only managed to score one goal and five receiving.
This match is the third that give an argument in front of their fans this season, match that promises to be extremely difficult in front of a newly promoted teams but that provide a quality game that can become a problem.

Gimnasia La Plata is newly promoted but this has not prevented her to obtain two extremely good results in the first rounds victory against River Plate and Central Rosarium. It is announced as being an opponent extremely difficult for those of Belgrano, being defeated in their last 8 matches played in that won 7 wins and an eventual victory in this match or even a draw and bring on the first position of the ranking.